Bannockburn Guide Hut


Please consider voting for the grant funding application for the restoration of Bannockburn Guide Hut, here is the link to it.

Renovation and refitting of 100 year old wooden building. Building is used by approx 100 children every week.Building at present does not meet current building regulation.

The roof has already been re-roofed (by previous funding) to prevent further water ingress and further damage to building already damaged excessively from lack of maintenance and age. Previous funding has helped to address some of these issues but extra funding from yourselves would allow for the final surge to finish this project. Part of application funding would be use to completely replace the existing waste water system and to re-clad existing structure to waterproof, insulate and fireproof the existing timber building.

The grounds also require new security fencing to enable the children using this building to be safe in their environment.


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