Bannockburn Heritage Trail

By Tommy Cattigan 28th August 2013

An update on works being done on the heritage trail, for the benefit of our communities and all who use the Bannockburn Heritage Trail. The Heritage Trail in Ladywell Park was completed several months ago, work has started in the phase that goes from, the top of the steps down to the falls along the burn and along to the spittal’s bridge, then up to the main Road beside the Masonic Hall.

ALL who use this walk way will know the difference being made, not just for our communities but all who use the walk ways.

Picture 1 shows the steps leading to the falls the first picture shows the stairs before any work was carried out, you will see some of the steps have rotted away and the material within the step area has been washed away. This made the steps uneven and not very safe for those using them The wood at the side of the steps has also fell away over the years.

Picture 2 shows the steps at this time, these have had some of the steps renewed, the wood at the side of the steps has been replaced, the flat area at the steps, have also been filled in, this makes them level even to walk on by all. There is a new metal hand rail fitted, there was never a hand rail there before, this will ensure the safety of all using the steps on this part of the Heritage Trail.

Picture 3 shows the area next to the burn where sleepers where laid to provide a level surface to walk on, these had a metal mesh previously, this picture shows these sleepers, have been treated with asphalt to provide a safe walkway for all.

There are other works in progress at this time, as such there will be a follow up to ensure all know of the work being done for the benefit of all using the Bannockburn Heritage Trail. Thanks must go to all carrying out this work for the safety of all in our communities and the visitors using the Bannockburn Trail at this area.

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