Bannockburns “OWN Brig O Doon ” in Ladywell Park

By Tommy Cattigan July 2013

When upgrading the steps leading to the lower park in Ladywell, the removing of trees at the side of the path has opened up access to the “WELL” within Ladywel Park. There will be many in Bannockburn that have memories of the well, on the warm day’s out playing. They may even have had a drink from the well, that’s when we had six or seven weeks of really hot weather.

It is the clearest water you will see, it may not be recommended to drink from it in this day and age, but as someone who has had a drink from it I am still hear. Then again as school children the weather didn’t matter when you were out playing for the day. The water gathers in the well from various parts of the hill above it then goes through the well itself and runs down a channel in the hill to the burn below.

This channel was cleared by officers of the council when they removed the dangerous trees that fell down on the hill/banking, last year this ensures that the water could flow down the hill. In real heavy rain this water can gather on the lower path next to the Burn. If possible a drain may be fitted at this location and allow the water to go into the burn and ensure safe use of all on the bottom path.

The opening up of this area will allow the children of Bannockburn Community to see what many in the Community new was there many years ago. A follow up story with picture will be provided on completion to allow all to see Bannockburns “OWN Brig O Doon”.

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