Fairview Care Home Christmas Fayre

Fairview Care Home Christmas Fayre is on Saturday 6th December 2pm – 4pm

Come in and have a look around, crafts, home baking, raffles, tombola and face painting are just a few of the stalls, many more to see.
Also Santa will be doing his rounds!

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Fairview Nursing Home

Fairview Nursing Home 9 Cowie Road Bannockburn are having their Christmas Fayre on Saturday 7th December from 2pm to 4pm.
As well as the usual stalls we have Bunny & Co (small furry animals) visiting and of course Santa!  Please come along to the nursing home on Sat and support us.  
Donated goods for our raffle will be gratefully accepted and all monies raised go directly to residents comfort fund.
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Fairview Nursing Home Summer Fete

By Alasdair MacPherson 4th July 2013

Fairview Nursing Home on Cowie Road, Bannockburn are holding their annual fête on Saturday 6th July from 2-30 -4pm, please come along!



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Ladywell Park

By Tommy Cattigan 

Another part of the Ladywell Park is complete, for safe use by all. The stairs used by footballers from the changing rooms at  the top park to the football park in the bottom park. 

The first photo shows the stairs from the top park to the centre pathway, these were removed and replaced. 


This work was carried out by TCV -The Conservation Volunteers on a contract to Stirling Council Land Services. The original stairs were in a bad state and were deteriorating to that of an unsafe state, the stairs have all been updated and there is now an additional part to the stairs.

The second photo is looking up the new stair to the centre pathway created by TCV


The third photo is looking from the small bridge nearest to telford bridge, looking up toward the centre pathway.]

park3The new stairs will allow all in the community the safe use of these stairs from the top park to the lower part of Ladywell park. 

Thanks must go to the officers of the council who arranged for this work to be done, thanks should also go to the Conservation Volunteers sub-contractor on site that carried out the work.

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Quakerfield Works

By Tommy Cattigan

The Quakerfield Parade/shop refurbishment is now complete. 


The work agreed and arranged between Stirling Council the shop keepers and community is there for all in the community to see and enjoy. 

The pictures show the new seating and garden area from various locations; this has been planted out with various shrubs and trees. 


The pelican crossing outside the Empire Bar is also complete and in full use for the benefit, safety of the community. 

The various work carried out in this area, is there for all and hopefully the community will enjoy this for many years to come. 

Thanks must go to all the workforce/sub-contractors that carried out the work and to Stirling Council Housing Services who funded funding the various works at this location.

Planned maintenance is in progress at Quakerfield at present and when complete hopefully will include the painting of the external wood lining etc at the front/side  of the shops. 

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Heritage Footpath- upgrade in Ladywell Park

by Tommy Cattigan 10th March 2013

Work has started on the upgrade of the Heritage Trail in the bottom part of Ladywell Park. The complete heritage trail is being renewed, it is also being widened to accommodate cyclists.

Most of this is as the original planned trail, the is a change this is the section right by the side of the Bannock Burn. This will have to be moved to the park side of the old water pipe to reduce the risk of it becoming flooded in high water and to prevent the river quickly eroding it. The riverside route will still remain though and people will still be able to use it to walk along the banks of the bannock burn.
ladywell park 004
The BMX track at the bottom park which is up behind the football parks heading to the woods has been upgraded and is ready for use by all.
There are various items on the plan which have been agreed as needing done, these are included in the Master Plan for Ladywell Park and items are prioritised to ensure the safety of all are top priority within the available spend provided.
You can see the new benching and footpath done previously this is above the hedge as you look at the pictures.
ladywell park 007
Thanks must go to Land Services their officer’s and operatives of Stirling Council for their assistance to date and a job well done.
This is only a small part of the works in the Heritage Trail that is being done, there will be a follow up story with additional pictures to provide further information to all on completion of works.
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Ladywell Park

by Tommy Cattigan 5th March 2013

For many years, the Bannockburn community have requested that the Council spend money in Ladywell Park. The  access around the path has always been a top priority, the renewal of the footpaths within the park will ensure safe footing for the community.

In the  first phase paths were renewed in part of the top park and part of the bottom park with some benching renewed in the bottom park, it was then agreed that a set of steps from the top park would be replaced, as funding for this is expensive the steps at this area will be done in two phases.



The first phase of steps is now complete, the picture attached show the new steps with handrails. This will ensure that the community/all using the steps can do so safely. The second phase of the steps at this area will be done when funds are available, this will allow all to then have the use of a hard surfaced walkway from the top part of the park to the opening at the bottom park.

Thanks must go to the Council Officers and the operatives of the Council  for a job well
 done. This will be updated with additional information/pictures as and when additional work is carried out to ensure all are aware of the park upgrade.
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Quakerfield Shops

by Tommy Cattigan 4th March 2013

After consultation by Stirling Council roads officers with the shop owners, Bannockburn Community Council, the general public and other community groups, a proposed drawing was provided showing what the finish in front of the shopping parade would look like upon completion.

We are now one month into the refurbishment at the front of the shops at Quakerfield all can now begin to see the difference this will make to the community using the shops.  This is being done in two phases the first part is from the bank to the bookies at East Murrayfield.


The many large trees at the shops have been removed, this includes all the roots from the trees which were causing a problem with the footpaths in various area’s. Parking area on main road has been made wider. All of the garden beds in the first phase have been removed, making the walk way larger. Street lights will be moved back from where they are at present and will have two lamps on these instead of one, providing additional lighting at parade.

The large plants purchased and installed in front of the bank last year by the community council have been lifted, they have been replanted elsewhere in the community, the winter bedding plants at the bank area will be lifted the best of these will be re-used for a third time elsewhere in the community providing additional colour at no cost.

The dangerous tree at the grocers end has also been removed with all of its roots, this now has a flat asphalt finish ensuring the safe footing of all. The moving of the garden area at the grocers end of the shops will provide a larger clear area for the community to use.

There will also be be new seating installed at the garden area, this will also have a feature area which may in time accommodate a piece of public art- town clock- or something else that the community may want. When all work is complete this will provide a large flat surface for the benefit of all.

As all will see, a large part of the car park at the rear is being used to store materials safely, after discussion with Council officers two disabled parking bays will be available for use at all times for the blue badge holders in the community during this project.

In addition to the original consultation, is that there will be a new pelican crossing (traffic lights) installed at the Empire Bar location, ensuring the safe use of the crossing at this area. This was one of the suggestions put forward during the consultation on the new cycle route.  The crossing in place at present was upgraded last year due to this needing upgraded to ensure safe use by the community at this time. The material (lights etc) from this area will be re-used at another crossing identified by Stirling Council Roads officers that needs upgraded.

I am sure all in the community will express their own opinion, thanks should go to all officers, employees and sub-contractor’s on site for a job to date well done. It is hoped on completion of the project arrangements will be made to provide pictures for all to see on  the before and after with any updated information.

Click here or the image above to view the proposed site layout plan.

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Latest News in Bannockburn


1st March 2013

This is a new section on the website which anyone can contribute to, please contact us.

Content by John Dreczkowski and Tommy Cattigan.

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