Bannockburn Guide Hut Refurbishment

Bannockburn Guide Hut Refurbishment
Wooden hut required refurbished, it has been used by Brownies – Guides for some 90+ YEARS.
This would not be a small job, but without refurbishment the hut could not be used, safely.
A new Fabric Convenor and a Small Group of the  local community have taken on board the work.
Funding was applied for from the Lottery – Stirling Council Community Pride fund – Stirling and Clackmannan Enterprise fund, we were successful  in all applications.
The  funding has paid for most of the materials used, local companies provided some materials free of charge  and 95%+ of all work was carried out free of charge by local tradesmen-helpers.
Local farmer ordered – purchased and stored materials for the roof at his farm for us. He delivered these when required to the hut, farmer his son and employee, also helped with putting these onto the roof. Each sheet is the full length of the roof ensuring later maintenance is kept to a minimuim.
The works to date include the following,
External Works
Completely renew roof. # Strap and insulate all external wall. #Finish walls with external cladding
( small part of this to finish buy it us hoped  funding will be available for this.) New gutters and downpipes, the installation of a ramp – handrail – and new door for  disabled use.
Construct an extension to store the many items within the hut-that belong to the various groups who use the hut. Paint all externally railing and build a fence in two areas.
Internal Works
Insulate loft, repair floor, completely recover floor with chipboard, plasterboard all inside walls, extend the kitchen add in a lower work surface so children can help, install additional kitchen units, renew all toilets and alter one to that of a disabled toilet with walk in shower, toilets have anti-slip floor coverings.
Hall and toilets have new wall boards that have a sparkle finish, the children call the hut “their sparkly hall.”
Entrance hall & main hall have had large floor tiles installed, tiles are of two colours and have designs inside for games to play.( the flooring in all areas was supplied and laid by a friend of group at no cost to project.)
What Bannockburn has now is a hall that has been upgraded to a very high standard and will be let to all within our community. This has taken around two years to complete.
A massive thanks should go to this group and all who helped,  with  work at the hut – those that helped provide materials – and all that  helped with funding.
Various pictures are attached from beginning of project to completion.
An open day is being held on Saturday 19th September 10am -1pm, all welcome.
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Fairview Care Home Summer Fair

See below flier for Fairview Care Home.





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Bannockburn Longest Day Video

Here is a link to the video from last year’s very successful Longest Day which took place on the 24th June 2014 on the 700th anniversary of the Battle of Bannockburn.

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Bannockburn Guide Hut


Please consider voting for the grant funding application for the restoration of Bannockburn Guide Hut, here is the link to it.

Renovation and refitting of 100 year old wooden building. Building is used by approx 100 children every week.Building at present does not meet current building regulation.

The roof has already been re-roofed (by previous funding) to prevent further water ingress and further damage to building already damaged excessively from lack of maintenance and age. Previous funding has helped to address some of these issues but extra funding from yourselves would allow for the final surge to finish this project. Part of application funding would be use to completely replace the existing waste water system and to re-clad existing structure to waterproof, insulate and fireproof the existing timber building.

The grounds also require new security fencing to enable the children using this building to be safe in their environment.


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Bannockburn Miners Welfare Functions

Sat 25th April- Karaoke and disco- all free of charge!

Sunday 3rd May- Karoke/Disco- All free of charge! Last Bank holiday one was busy, so be down early for seats!

Sat 6th June- LADIES NIGHT!!!! Best of the boybands (Westlife, Take Thats and Boyzone) plus disco. Early bird tickets from £10 each (till 18th May and then they increase to £12 each). Event is selling out fast.

Saturday 4th July- Resurrection- Stone Roses tribute night plus disco- tickets priced at £10 each. Event is selling out fast.

Sat 8th August- Johnny Cash/Neil Diamond Night- One for all ages and who doesnt love a bit of these singers!! Plus disco. Early bird tickets from £7 each

Saturday 17th October- LADIES NIGHT!! Olly Murs and Micheal Buble plsu disco- early bird tickets will be £7 each

Saturday 14th November- Oasis Night- Back due to huge demand- Stop The Clocks plus disco- Early bird tickets from £5

Look out for further info on these acts and also for further acts in September as well as our Charity Christmas Show in December!!


To book tickets then phone 01786 815732 or 07519 763371 or nip into the Miners from 12pm to buy direct.


Full details on our Facebook page.

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Fairview Nursing Home

Fairview Nursing Home are taking part in National Care Home Open Day on Friday 20th June from 2pm.

As well as having an around the world buffet we are launching a book of Heritage Treasures (precious gems) filled with stories, quotes and poems from folks who have lived worked and played in Bannockburn. This wee project in partnership with Adult Learning in Stirling, Bannockburn Study Group and children from Bannockburn primary 5 has been a great success for our residents who looked forward every fortnight to their meetings at Bannockburn library and to the question and answer time spent with the kids from B/B primary, and to the visits in Fairview from the study group thus affording our residents some quality meaningful activity and keeping them linked to their community.

All who come to The open day will receive a copy of the book as a thank you from the residents and staff for taking the time to drop by.

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The Longest Day

Bannockburn Community Council have organised events to commemorate the 700th anniversary of the Battle of Bannockburn. The event is on Saturday 21st June from 10am to 6pm in the Ladywell Park.

Here are details on what is offer:

  • Football between under 10s and 14s from Bannockburn & Milton Amateurs, thanks must go to both teams for their assistance.
  • Stage in park will have local Acts- dancers, choirs, piers and many more. Detailed pogramme to follow.
  • Re-enactment from the CLANN and others, will be at the event all day have your picture taken with the CLANN.
  • Stirling Council Archives – History of Bannockburn for all by local members of the Community.
  • Members of the National Trust will give short guided walk with stories of days gone by.
  • Stalls various groups-charities-something for everyone.
  • Bannockburn Bowling Club will be open to all non members- all ages, have a go on the day!
  • Fire engine – The Fire Service will be in attendance to explain what can be done by all to help make their homes safer.
  • The Girl Guides and the Boys Brigade will be helping with gazebos tents to accommodate stalls – first aid, lost and found, cake tent – Splat the tattie – Beat the goalie and more.

Well done to Bannockburn Community Council, the Girl Guides, the Boys Brigade and everyone involved for organising what should be a great day.



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Bannockburn 2014 10k Race Event

This is the inaugural Bannockburn 700 10K celebrating the 700th anniversary of the Battle of Bannockburn and to raise funds for the Eilidh Brown Memorial Fund.

This will be a Scottish Athletics permit event run under UK Athletics rules. In addition to the Bannockburn 10K there are childrens’ and school races on the day, including an under 15’s 3K on the road and for younger children a 1k round the trotting circuit.

We hope to raise sponsorship to cover most of the race expenses so that almost all of your entry fee will go to the charities.

We would love it of you could do some fundraising on top of the entry fee and/or encourage your friends and family to run.

Click link to website 

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Bannockburns “OWN Brig O Doon ” in Ladywell Park

By Tommy Cattigan July 2013

When upgrading the steps leading to the lower park in Ladywell, the removing of trees at the side of the path has opened up access to the “WELL” within Ladywel Park. There will be many in Bannockburn that have memories of the well, on the warm day’s out playing. They may even have had a drink from the well, that’s when we had six or seven weeks of really hot weather.

It is the clearest water you will see, it may not be recommended to drink from it in this day and age, but as someone who has had a drink from it I am still hear. Then again as school children the weather didn’t matter when you were out playing for the day. The water gathers in the well from various parts of the hill above it then goes through the well itself and runs down a channel in the hill to the burn below.

This channel was cleared by officers of the council when they removed the dangerous trees that fell down on the hill/banking, last year this ensures that the water could flow down the hill. In real heavy rain this water can gather on the lower path next to the Burn. If possible a drain may be fitted at this location and allow the water to go into the burn and ensure safe use of all on the bottom path.

The opening up of this area will allow the children of Bannockburn Community to see what many in the Community new was there many years ago. A follow up story with picture will be provided on completion to allow all to see Bannockburns “OWN Brig O Doon”.

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Bannockburn Heritage Trail

By Tommy Cattigan 28th August 2013

An update on works being done on the heritage trail, for the benefit of our communities and all who use the Bannockburn Heritage Trail. The Heritage Trail in Ladywell Park was completed several months ago, work has started in the phase that goes from, the top of the steps down to the falls along the burn and along to the spittal’s bridge, then up to the main Road beside the Masonic Hall.

ALL who use this walk way will know the difference being made, not just for our communities but all who use the walk ways.

Picture 1 shows the steps leading to the falls the first picture shows the stairs before any work was carried out, you will see some of the steps have rotted away and the material within the step area has been washed away. This made the steps uneven and not very safe for those using them The wood at the side of the steps has also fell away over the years.

Picture 2 shows the steps at this time, these have had some of the steps renewed, the wood at the side of the steps has been replaced, the flat area at the steps, have also been filled in, this makes them level even to walk on by all. There is a new metal hand rail fitted, there was never a hand rail there before, this will ensure the safety of all using the steps on this part of the Heritage Trail.

Picture 3 shows the area next to the burn where sleepers where laid to provide a level surface to walk on, these had a metal mesh previously, this picture shows these sleepers, have been treated with asphalt to provide a safe walkway for all.

There are other works in progress at this time, as such there will be a follow up to ensure all know of the work being done for the benefit of all using the Bannockburn Heritage Trail. Thanks must go to all carrying out this work for the safety of all in our communities and the visitors using the Bannockburn Trail at this area.

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