New swings at Ladywell Park

By Tommy Cattigan 28th August 2013 

New swings have been fitted at Ladywell Park, these can be used by able and less able children from the community and visitors to the park. Funding for these flat bedded swings was required, as the swings in the park at present could not be used by disabled children who were using the park.

As everyone knows funding at this time is limited. Application for funding was made to the Community Pride fund at Stirling Council and this application was successful. Thanks must go to all for helping arrange funding and installation of the new swings, that can be used by all children, these are in the picture attached. These have been fitted within the sectioned off play area in Ladywell Park.

Thanks must go to officers in the Community Pride Fund and officers of Land Services for their assistance in purchasing and installation of swings. These swings will be of a benefit to all of the children who use the Ladywell Park.

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New benching at Ladywell Park.

By Tommy Cattigan 28th August 2013 

There was only one bench in the top part of Ladywell Park, questions were asked in the community if additional benching could be installed in the top park. Funding for this was applied for from Stirling & Clackmannan Environment Trust & Stirling Council Community Pride fund.

Both organisations agreed to help fund this request. Thanks must go to Stirling & Clackmannan Environment Trust & Stirling Council Community Pride fund for their help, also thank Land Services for arranging the purchase and the installation of new benches.

These benches will benefit the communities using the park and all visitors to the Ladywell Park, one has been placed at the top of the new stairway, another facing the Castle & Wallace Monument, with the third over near the Bannockburn Bowling Green area.

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Allan Church 175 Celebrations

Click this link 175Allan to read about the 175 celebrations planned for the Allan Church.



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Bannockburn Garden in Bloom Winner 2012

The first prize in the Garden in Bloom competition held  in Bannockburn in 2012, went to  David Young, of Bogend Road Bannockburn.
As you will see in the picture there are a variety of plants in the small garden, he even manged to plant his bike. David is looking to build a small green house and add to the variation of plants that he has at present.
 When presenting David with his prize he asked if possible to mention  “Morgan “(age 10)   who helped him in the garden.
David feels that time should be given to working with the young and encouraging them to see what can be done in their garden. 

winner of GinB 2012

The competition will be run again later this year, 2013 and applications will be available at various shops / library in Bannockburn. 

All members of the Bannockburn community can also apply on line to please provide your name address etc to ensure that your garden is visited by the judges.
Thanks go to all in the community that applied last year, we look forward to you applying again later this year, the best of luck to all applicants.

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Ladywell Park Latest Update

As you can see from the pictures the bottom park is well on the road to completion.

1. Upgraded play area for BMX etc this is being used is now open for use by the community.

bannockburn park upgrade 014

2. The Heritage footpath going across the park has been widened and surfaced for the safe use of all.

bannockburn park upgrade 012

3. Area around new heritage path will be getting seeding planted, this will provide a mixture of wild colour  as the year goes on.

bannockburn park upgrade 015

4. Access road into the bottom park has been widened and drainage has been upgraded, this will allow safe access for all to the park, this will also allow safe access for emergencey services.

bannockburn park upgrade 018

5. The Original and New stairs from top park changing rooms to bottom football park will ensure the safety of all using them.

bannockburn park upgrade 006

The pictures above have been taken looking up from the bottom park, many of the dangerous trees have been removed. Thanks must go to all officers at Land Service – Roads and all the Council workforce that have carried out  the various works at the park.

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Bannockburn Stories

Adventures of the Twa Dugs Wildlife in the under growth in and around Bannockburn 

By John Dreczkowski

Scud gets a call from the site’s webmaster (Big Webby) he says “Need to find out why foxes and rabbit’s want to live in the centre of our town”.Call back when you find out. End of call. Really a talkative type our big webby!!!

Had a meeting with my best pal Jonnie as he is the man in the know, always hanging around the town and gabbing with all the residents, and his wee dog Ailsa is always by his side when he does his park and countryside thing, gave him the assignment and told him to report back weekly, Only problem we could see Jonnie only thinks and writes in Scotland’s form of the Queens English

Report by Jonnie

Jings nice guys these twa, suppose we’d better git started tae keep them happy before they call back, will retreat tae ma office for some quiet reflection and some lubrication wi a couple halves “o” whiskey and hatch a wee plan, come on Alsia time fur walkies, shouting tae the wife Beth “away for a walk wi the dug, doll” best excuse for a few drinky winkies at the Empire pub. (Summer office)
Ma heed is banging too much lubrication last nite met up wi ma pal Pete and told him about ma wee problem wi Big Webby and he offered his wee dug Pepper to help, so we devised a wee plan, if I remember rightly, it goes something like this, as Pepper is a Jack Russell and Ailsa is a Border Terrier no known for their friendliness towards our furry friends. On top “o” that they canine speak their lingo,Also we read in the local newspaper all the animal right guys say our furry friends have rights, will that be rabbit or foxy rights? Gees a break you could nae make it up.So the dugs hiv tae go fur retraining, we booked them into the highly respected training group “S.A.S training for yir dug”. The course is twa weeks long. No looking forward tae telling the dugs, sure they will miss the home comforts but what Big Webby wants he gits.

Decided the best way tae break the news “o” their wee trip. Pete and I wid take the dugs for a gid long donner in the country side ending up wi a treat at the Empire tae soften them us. Alsia and Pepper understand and speak the gid Scottish tongue and both being wiman you some times cannae shut them up.
We all went fir our wee walk. on a beautiful day up through the Bannock Heritage Trail a lovely part of the country ,everything wis going fine until we telt the dugs about oor plan and that they were going on holiday fir 2 weeks to a camp.

Well the dugs kicked off and jings did they no ken how tae hive a go at us. Moaning aboot missing their home comforts and hiving tae learn more lingos. Did we nae know that this work will require nite shifts and working in all kinds of weather, these twa dugs dinnae like it when its wet and whit aboot oor grub on the course, will it be the same as we get at hame. We told them they hiv tae go. Big Webby has commanded guys. Needless to say the Webby wis left withoot a name, anyway we managed to calm the dugs doon and it wis agreed they wid go on the course next Sunday.

2. Jonnie noticed that Ailsa has been a wee bit quiet this week. Wonder whits wrang wi his wee dug. Weather no bin grea lately. Mibi she needs a gid lang donner.I,ll take her this efternin.Jonnie phones Pete tae see if he is able tae join us wi Pepper, Pete’s working again.Jings Pete works some funny shifts.We,ll jist hae to go ourselves.
WE got ready for the walk. Then Jonnie gets a call frae Scud’s wife Mo.He wants tae meet us at the City office.

The City office(at the corner of station road and the manse)is where oor group gether to gab and sort oot the world’s problem,s.One “o” the group is Scud.He wis an apprentice grocer wi the Co-op then later a skilled roads man wi the Council. He jist aboot knows everybody in Bannockburn.
Ailsa says tae Jonnie. Is it no strange tae hiv a meeting wi Scud at the summer office.It, s nae that strange dug we sometimes meet up wi Scud during the summer Jonnie replies.
Jonnie could see that the dug wisnae happy wi the answer.
It’s a gid joab the wee dug kin only talk the human beings (Hb, s) lingo tae Jonnie and nae one else .Better still she cannae read.Widnae dae if she got tae clever.

Leaving the hoose Jonnie tells Beth “away for a walk wi the dug, be away a while doll”. Jonnie meets up wi Scub at the city office.
Scud has a letter wi all the details aboot the course. It is run on the same lines as the British armies Sandhurst College. The dugs wid be treated as officers. Them being pedigree dugs. So they will hae the best of accommodation and grub.

The course will be at Bannockburn hoose estate. Jist outside Bannockburn. So nae much travelling
There are three sections tae the course. Lingo development fur the dugs. This will include learning wabs the lingo of rabbits. Foxy the lingo of foxes, squirrels, mice and rats.
Plus a section on intelligence gathering. Another on how to mount covert operations and reporting.
The dugs are booked in for 2 weeks and will hae tae live in. If they stick in and dae well the minute they pass the exam they can git hame early.
Scud reminds Jonnie and tells him tae tell Pete. that the dugs are signed up tae Bannockburn’s official secrets act and cannae talk tae any “o” their wee pals aboot this at all.
Jonnie and Ailsa leave the city office and head oot on their long donner.First is the big parkAilsa meets up wi her other pals .Wee Niki the young poodle, Big Bruce the broon Labrador and Groovy the big hairy dug and has great fun running about the park playing chase and catch the ball wi the guys .
Head oot the park and up the heritage trail. Ailsa loves it there as she can run off the lead .Spent 2 hours up the trail before returning home. Ailsa looks a lot happier. Thank goodness for that.

3. Jonnie was relaxing at home wi Ailsa and Casha( his other dug a Skye terrier.). When the Ailsa pipes up and the questions start.Whit,s going on Da wi me going on this course? Why me? Why no Casha she is much older than me?

Is Bannockburn a country? Why is it so sectretive?You sometimes forget. I can hear the HB,s lingo all the time and watch all the secret agent programs on channel 5 wi Beth.
So let’s have some answers Da.Now that you have signed me up to that official secret thing I cannae talk to anyone aboot it.
Jonnie wisnae going tae bother answering but maybe the wee dug should have some explanation it may help the dugs getting through the course.Jings where tae start!!
Jonnie explains to Ailsa.Casha is no like you She cannae understand the HB, s lingo at all. She is too laid back. See whit she does when the grand bairns come she goes ben the hoose and hides under the table.Disnae like anybody invading her space.
As for you. You’re a bright and friendly wee dug. Very unlike a terrier in many wiys.look whit yir like wi the rabbits in oor back garden. You gie a wee chase now and again. While they are busy eating Beth’s plants..Dinnae ken why she disnae gie you a harder time aboot it.
Another thing whit is it wi you and Gavin’s cat when your at the City office. You sit on that wall and stare for hours at the bush oot side his hoose where the cat hides trying tae spot it. Good help anyone who blocks yir view. Then when the cat comes in tae view all you dae is shake wi excitement and the guy’s hive a gid laugh at you.
Call yir self a terrier. How dae you think I feel. It’s an embarrassment!!
You are a nice wee dug and will be easily retrained.
Pepper is a gid wee dug also. Being a Jack Russell she understands the Terrier thing better than you.
Bannockburn is no a country. It is a ward in the local authority area called Stirling city.
And as such is responsible for its own local security. Some of the guys are operatives for Bannockburn’s security agency and now you and Pepper are. It is our joab to ensure the community is safe.You and Pepper are being sent into the field(excuse the pun)to find oot the facts, so we can pit counter measures in place.
Jonnie asks that enough info for you Ailsa? Come on we will go tae summer office fir some lubrication and see if any of the guys are there.
Mind noo Ailsa ” keep the trap shut”.
We arrived at the summer office on Saturday afternoon Pete, Scud and Pepper were in. Sat at oor ain wee table in the corner for a few drinkies and crisps for the dugs. The dugs were lying on the floor gabbing away in dog lingo. Wonder what their gabbing about probably us. The guys have a natter about the coming week events. They went to play darts. Gid time wis had by all, till we were chucked oot at 11.00 pm worse “o” wear.

4. Dugs and wife’s were suitably disgusted by the time wi got hame.Braw start tae oor course week .It will be sare heeds and nae walks for me in the morning.Thier no fit to be let oot on their own that lot.Says Ailsa.

Sunday morning time for Camp.Ailsa is up early wi a mixture “o” nerves and excitement about going.She cannae wait to see Pepper to see whit she thinks of it all.
Jonnie gits up feeling a bit rough. Better get ready for the dugs taxi at 9.45am.Tell the Ailsa.Nae walk for you this morning get the breakfast eaten quick.
Knew this wid happen says the Ailsa.
Taxi arrives dead on time. Ailsa gets in says her goodbyes and away she goes tae pick up Pepper, Jonnie away back tae ma bed, heed nipping.
The Ailsa picks up Pepper and away they go on their way to the Bannockburn house.Ailsa says to Pepper nae mare HB, s lingo till we get back. During the journey Ailsa tells Pepper aboot her talks wi Jonnie about this wee trip explaining the ins and oots of everything. Pepper seems a wee bit happier. Pepper asks what Ailsa thinks “o” that bunch of eejits getting drunk and flung oot the pub last nite.Par for the course for that lot. Regular attendees Ailsa says.Worse than that wis them pitting us up for this lark.

Arrive at Bannockburn hoose estate. The dugs are impressed at the size of the hoose and the grounds. Although they are no very impressed when they hear the security dugs, sound like big dugs, better keep oot “o” their way says Pepper.
Met at reception wi wee Niki and big Bruce. Whit are you two daeing here says Ailsa, I am the chiefs P.A says Niki and Bruce is head “o” security for the estate. We could nae tell ye, although we knew all along that you were coming. The secrets act remember.
Niki takes the twa dugs go to meet the chief. They go into the main hall and there is Groovy. Top dog in these parts says Groovy. So you twa dae whit yir telt and we will get on fine.Nae problems from us, say the twa wee dugs, we jist want to get this over wi.and get back hame as soon as possible.

Groovy lays oot the rules for the twa dugs time at the hoose.Also lays oot the course content.Ailsa will do Wabs lingo course, Pepper will dae the foxy lingo course. The rest of the course they wid dae together. If they want they could dae the intensive course which wid mean working 12 hours a day. It is hard work but they could dae the course in one week instead of twa .The dugs agree tae dae the intensive course.

5. The Course

The course is going well, hard work but the twa dugs are thoroughly enjoying it. Lingo’s a wee bit hard but it is limited in content. So it’s easier than the twa dugs thought. The other part “o” the course wis fun as Niki and Bruce were involved in showing the twa dugs the systems and procedures involved. Accommodation and meals were excellent, treated like officers jist as Jonnie had promised.

The twa dugs had great fun wi Niki and Bruce in their time off, and thankfully didnae come across the big security beasts at all.
The big test came on Saturday, the Lingo piece being the hardest.Neverless the twa dugs did very well and passed nae bother.
Groovy gave the twa dugs their certificates on Sunday morning,and they were allowed home after the ceremony. Efter thanking the guys for their help, Groovy reminds them no to speak aboot the course to any one except known Bannockburn secret agents. i.e Jonnie, Scud, Pete and us 5 dugs.

The twa dugs were asked to sign a paper to this effect they then ordered their taxi home. On arriving home,Pepper went to Jonnies hoose wi Ailsa. Jonnie greets the twa dugs hame,asking them whit are you twa daeing hame so early. Ailsa replies,told you we are clever wee guys, quick on the uptake.Now much the wiser, so you’ll no be able tae pull the wool over oor eyes so easily ,noo that we’ve got oor certificates. An other thing you hiv tae dae,look fir better grub for us Since we had the best of grub on the course, we’re no pitting up wi that rubbish you pit down tae us.
Groovy says we’ve tae tak twa days off before we start operations and you hiv tae treat us like officers we are.
Jonnie jist stood their flabbergasted, “Jings trouble a head wi they twa”. The twa dugs enjoed thier twa day’s holiday. Lazing aboot loving their new type of grub. Neverless all good things must come to an end at some time. Jonnie shouts on Ailsa.come on wee dug time tae pit all that training tae work.

In The Field

Jonnie meets wi Scud, Pete and the twa dugs, tae lay out the plan and timetable fir the twa dugs field operations.
Scud being the top man lays oot his thoughts on how wi should deploy, the twa dugs wid work together for backup reasons. Pepper will be lead agent n the fox program,Ailsa will lead on the rabbit program. The fox program will be tackled first. Jonnie will be contact agent on both programs as Pete is aye working. We all start on this in the morning, very early was Scuds closing remark?

6. The Fox Program

Jonnie gets the wee dug up very early, gives her breakfast, sets oot her final instructions before starting the fox program. Once you twa are in the field nae coming hame until the work is complete. Food will be left oot for you every day at a secret location, nae raiding buckets, nae messing any garden wi yir toilet needs, nae calling in unless yer in big trouble, I will call you daily for a progress report.
Latest intelligence being the fox has been spotted in the Rowallan estate where it is thought it lives, it’s also been spotted in town centre.
Jonnie reminds Ailsa tae use their agent names when yir in the field, Ali for you and Peps for Pepper, now on ye go and join up wi Pepper.
All the best wee dug be careful,Jonnie tells Ailsa.

The twa dugs meet up at the town centre around 04.30 am jist as day lite comes up and decide tae make their way to the Rowallen estate. Probably the best place to start. Rare and quiet makes it hard to be spotted by anyone, they keep their route to the back of the houses as areas in the front of the houses are far to open.
They start searching for any signs of the fox, trying to find any scent of any type of animals, so they can eliminate scents known to them.
They spend most of the morning searching the full estate wi nae success at all except wi a bit of fun chasing a few cats. They came across a few rabbits but did not go near them as instructed.

Come lunch time and it being a nice warm day. The twa dugs found a nice area for a few hours sleep. It was also time tae think about grub and a place to stay over nite, Ailsa thinks aboot calling Jonnie aboot the grub but thinks better of it, she couldnae stand the grief they wid get.
Brr!!Brr!! mobie phone wakes them up.Jonnie calling asking for progress report and letting them know where the grub is,Peps reports nae progress so far,as nite falls she has hopes the fox may come oot at nite.End of call. Kept searching through the nite but no success of any sightings or scent,If truth wis telt the pair had found a nice warm spot and slept most “o” the nite.In the morning they expanded their search to other areas of the town.
They had nae success for around twa days and were kinda fed up wi the situation.Jonnie wisnae to pleased either wi the progress and let them know he had Scud on his back. On the evening “o” the third nite jist as dark was falling ,they were a bit fed up,another day without success, they decided to have an early nite and go back tae their warm wee hide oot, settled doon and duly fell fast asleep.
Peps sleep wis distributed wi a noise at the opening of their hide, she looked up to be faced wi wit she thought wis a sheep dug, she woke Ali gieing her a fright telling her aboot the sheep dug.Ali was fully awake now shouting. That’s no a sheep dug.It,s a bloomin fox!!

7. Peps and Ali were in attack mode by now,mare tae protect themselves as none “o” the twa dugs fancied their chances against the big beast.All three stood staring at each other for what seemed like minutes.Until Peps plucks up courage and asks the big yin what the score was gieing us twa a fright like that.
The big yin replies. Tae start wi I am a fox an ma name is Wily.I’ve bin watching you twa for the last few days wondering aboot the area ,wondering whit you are up tae, so thought I wid catch ye oot and ask you, so come on whits the score? Whit ye up tae?
Peps starts to explain to Ali whit Wily is saying.Wily gets a wee bit confused and asks Peps whit lingo the twa dugs are talking in?Peps replies that Ailsa does not understand fox lingo so she has tae translate in Dug lingo to her.Oh ok says Wily.I thought she was just a dumb mut.Peps has a wee laugh at the thought better no tell Ali.
The Three agree tae settle down and talk about the situation.Peps explains to Wily about whit the Webby wants to know and that being the reason they have been around the area for the last few days.The dugs wid be quite happy if Wily could clear up some of the questions.Wily states he his nae bother wi that and will try to explain.Fire away wi yir questions.

Peps asks the first question. Why are you in this area Wily?
Well tae start wi us foxes are no like you dugs and come tae think “o”also cats,we are still pack animals .You lot think you are, but you’ve gone too saft over time.A few weeks efter ye’re born, you go an live wi the HB’s in a wee cosy family situation, ye git fed and watered,washed and groomed and taken for walkies up the park to meet yir ither four legged duggy friends.If ye hiftae go out in the rain or if it is cold ye let the HB,s pit a coat on ye.They dry ye when ye back home an in the winter they pit the heating on fir ye!!
All you hivtae dae in return is wag yir tail when they come hame an make a fuss of them.Biggest crime ye can possibly commit is either bite a wee HB ,chew some furniture or biggest crime of all is be sick or do a doggy mess in the hoose.Jings whit a hard life ye hae. If yir sickly of to the doggy doctor for ye.The only time ye get near tae being a pack dug is if the HB’s hive another dug in the hoose.
The only real dugs are the working dugs on the farms that come anything near being a pack dug. Even the cats hive mare independence than you lot.

You lot are a bunch of wooses and are the talk of the four legged world.
Now we’ve got that wee rant auf yir chist Wily, can we no hive an answer to the question says Peps.
Aye says Wily, I feel much better for the wee rant.Jist letting ye know whit the rest of us think of ye

8. Wily continues, as I said we foxes are pack animals and live in contact wi only oor ain pack. The faither “o” the pack is the leader an whit he says goes. Oor pack lives up in the sauchenford eatate jist outside Bannockburn. Living so close tae a town where the HB,s live we are able to understand when we hear the HB,s lingo but we cannae speak it.
Living in the country side is hard work always looking for food. Making sure we are safe.We’re no liked very much by the farmers and their like.Thier aye chasing us wi they dugs they hive, also noise devices that make it uncomfortable at times, but we manage to survive alright .Winter being harder than summer.
Ma faither wis it a meeting in Stirling last year wi “o” the pack leaders.When he come back he wis telling us aboot stories frae the other guys about their adventures aboot going and living in amongst the HB’s in their villages, so he decided that oor pack should try this for a period tae see whit it is like. Instead of taking the full pack in he would send only one “o” the pack in fir a periodof time, he wid report back tae the pack on his findings.
I was choosen as it is a tradition in the fox circles that when a young male is aboot tae turn intae an adult. He is set a task tae prove he is ready tae be heed “o” his own pack.As we live close tae Bannockburn it was decided that wid be the town we start in.
So that why I’m here girls. Peps asks Wily another couple “o” questions. Why this estate and whit hiv you found out so far?
Wily duly responds.The first question is easy .I didnae choose this estate in particular it wis jist the first area I come across as I entered from the country side. Answer tae the section question is harder.
Arrived early in the summer, weather wis reasonable, quickly found a nice wee place tae camp, that gave me some good shelter without endangering ma security. We dinnae hiv any problems getting chased wi dugs or HB’s, seem tae be fitting in nae problem. Although I like tae keep maself tae maself, if ye know whit a mean.

Food wis nae such a problem .When I came at first the weather wis gid and the HB’s wir cooking a lot outside, a BBQ I think they call it.The smell “o” the cooking is fair braw ,makes yir juices flow.The wee HB’s are also running aroond dropping bits of food every where. The juicy bits of meat and chicken I’ve picked up this way wid feed an army.The best of grub although sometimes a wee bit burnt.But never mind.
Another great source of food is the black bags they leave outside their houses.I know there is food in them when ma helpful pals the Blackbirds and Craws rip the bags apart to get tae any food inside.How they know there is found in the bags is beyond me but they are never let me doon yet.Once they open them I jist go in an help myself, although this has no been so good lately as the weather is no bin great. Another wi is tae go raking about the town there is aye something lying aboot, last resort is to go back tae ma auld hunting habits.

9. Peps asks Wily if he knows that the HB’s are no too happy tae hive him living amongst them and they are worried aboot their young HB’s security and health when yoor aboot?
I’ve heard the HB’s talk aboot this, I’m no here tae harm any “o” them, particularly the young HB’s. If they don,t bother me, I’ll no bother them at all. They dinnae hiv tae worry on that score.
The health one I’ve nae idea we dinnae know aboot they things.
It was very interesting tae pick up the news that we hiv the animal rights folk on oor side.
If we need them in the future we maybe get in touch.
I can understand them nae liking any thing strangers in their mist.We dinnae like when any strangers try tae come near oor pack.
Peps asks Wily whits the positives and negatives “o” his visit?
Plus must be the variety of food available replies Wily.The negative is it is a bit lonely a could dae wi some company.
Final question his tae be. Whit will ye report back and will ye return next year asks Peps?
I’ll report back basically what a hiv telt you twa.Then it will be up tae ma faither whit happens next.Until he makes his decision, I don’t know if any fox will come next year or maybe he’ll decide to send in a few more.
Peps says to Wily.Enough “o” chatter as a way of a thank you, come wi us and we will share oor secret food stash wi ye.Ye must be joking a widnae eat that rubbish the HB’s gie you lot. The BBQ’s are in full flow that will dae for me!!
The three said their goodbyes and went their separate ways. Wily to his routine.Peps and Ali back tae the hame comforts .So they think.
Ailsa calls Jonnie and updates him on the fox program and informs him they are coming hame.Jonnie replies no ye don,t, get on and finish the Rabbit program noo.The big Webby is getting very frustrated also Scuds been screaming doon the phone.
Ailsa informs Peps about Jonnie’s instructions.Peps replies “jings heartless lot we’re dealing with. Alright fir them in their wee hames.I am haeing a night off I need a rest.”
The twa dugs enjoyed their meal and a good nites sleep,got up in the morning and started tae make plans for implementing the Rabbit program, working oot where tae start and how tae make contact.Ailsa quips as Jonnie has them in his back garden he mibe let us start there.Yir hiving a joke Peps responds..

10. The Rabbit Program
Latest intelligence reports indicate most of the rabbits are in the bottom Ladywell Public park, their are separate groups in most of the residential eatate areas of the town, including a few groups in the local cemetery. We will start at the park then move up tae the Murrayfeild estate area, Alisa tells Pepper that should allow us tae make contact very quickly it will be harder up in the estates, aye yir rite says pepper lets git started,The earlier wi start the sooner wi,re finished.

Ailsa and Peps make their way tae the bottom park. They come roond the corner and look doon on the park, which lies in a small valley at the bottom “o” the Brae. Ailsa says look at that Peps “the place is full “o” rabbits”.Well Ailsa this should be easier than the fox program. Peps replies.
They make their way doon tae the park.Ali reminding Peps no tae go daft an no go chasing rabbit’s like a daftie.Jist crawl in and lay still and one “o” nosy rabbits will make contact wi us. Mind noo ha patience it may take a few hoors for them to come to us.
Sure enough efter a couple of hours, a young rabbit come very close to where the dugs were lying.The dugs lay still for an hour, till the young rabbit got used to their scent.
Ali makes her first move.In a very low voice she asks “hello wee rabbit whits yir name”.Ma name is Ruby says the rabbit, whit dae ye want to know for.
Ma name is Ali and this is Peps replies Ali.We,re here in a friendly capacity and whit like tae ask a few questions from you leader, who ever that may be.

The wee rabbit tells the dugs, we dinnae hae a leader,.I will ask ma faither if he will talk to you.Wait here an I,ll see whit he says.
A wee while later the wee rabbit returns wi twa bigger yins in tow.They come rite up to where the dugs are lying.One “o” big rabbit speaks, ma names Bert and this is Dougie, a take it yiv met wee Ruby. Whit are twa dugs wanting tae talk aboot it must be serious,.yiv bin lying their like twa muppets fir hours.Ye must think we rabbits are daft.We’ve been watching and the young ones hiv bin playing a guessing game. Wit are the twa muppets daeing? So we thought we wid come oot and find oot.So whits going on?
Ali goes over the same story Peps told Wily fox.All about wit webby wants. Dougie is first tae respond.Who does this Big Webby think he is?Wanting tae know whit wir daeing here.Whit a cheek.You twa dugs git him telt oor lot hiv bin here as long as the HB’s hiv.It,s as much oor area as it is the HB’s and we look efter it better!!

11. Bert tells Dougie tae calm doon.All rite says Dougie but a want tae know, whit they want to know for.Are they planning tae chase us away frae the area,or something else mare sinister?
Ali says “Look guys the problem is no so much you lot,the big problem is the groups that are going intae the estates and causing problems.The webby jist wants tae know why they are going intae the estates. Nae problems fir you guys I promise.”

Heard these promises before says Bert.Neverless let me explain.Oor groop hiv been here for centuries jist like the HB’s. It,s a lovely wee valley plenty of fresh grub and good surroundings for oor hames and a safe environment tae bring the wee ones up.We dinnae hae any problems living amongst the the HB’s, they come down for a walk wi their dugs now and again, the dugs gie us a wee chase but we’re too fast fir most “o” them ,four legged muts.It is a bit of a nuisance when they interfere wi oor sunbathing.Other than that it’s a great wee place tae live and oor groop hiv nae intensions in moving.
Ali asks if they know anything aboot the other groups in the estates.Dougie tells them they are different groups altogether and we know nothing aboot them.
Thats fine says Ali.We will go and find them, we’ll leave your group in peace.Bye!!Bye!!
Ali phones Jonnie and gives him an update letting him know they were heading up to the Murrayfield hoosing estate.
On their way up to the estate,Peps remarks wis that Wily fox no rite.The minute the sun comes oot most of the HB’s like tae eat outside, mibi we will pick a wee sausage or twa ye never know yir luck.Wid be gid remarks Ali but gist keep yir mind on the job ahead.
Nae sooner had they arrived when they come across their first rabbit, sitting quite the thing in this guys garden watching them haeing thieir BBQ,thought we’d go an hae a wee word wi the rabbit and strolled intae the garden, jist tae be chased oot wi the HB’s, As we ran away wi could hear the rabbit laugh it,s heed auf.Peps wis no chuffed an let oot a few not very loud barks.As much to say, I’ll sort yi oot later Mr rabbit.
On they go around the estate. They come across another group of rabbits in the next but two gardens. They sidle up to the group. Ali introduces her self and asks if they can ask a few questions. No bother says one of the group but you will have to wait until we finish lunch.
Ali and Peps hung around for sometime. One hour passes until the rabbit comes over to them and asks what type of questions they want to ask, before they would consider answering any, Ali was not pleased but laid out the question. The rabbit agrees to answer them and puts a time limit of 30 minutes on the session. Now that it’s getting darker, I will going to bed shortly states the rabbit.

Ali dinae bother telling them aboot webby after the last reception.Jist asked them a couple of questions.”Whit are you guys daeing in the HB’s garden and no in the country where ye belong?”
Oh !! listen tae this guys the rabbit says to group,thats rich coming fae a couple of hoose dugs.We know by jist looking at ye twa.Wee fat and furry, the well kept look.The group burst intae laughter.
We are in the Hb’s garden because we get the best “o” grub.The grass is cut regular and the fresh shoots are tasty.Some even feed the grass to ensure wi git the best on offer, they love tae plant a variety of border plants that makes a lovely change to oor diet, a bit like the puddings they love. Some gardens hive a vegetable patch which suits us doon tae the ground,whit more could wi ask for.In the country side there is no the same choice.
The HB’s dinnae seem to mind us .Some chase us now and again, but wi leave it for a couple of days and return,anyway their always oot of the hoose.It suits us fine, now and again we get a visit fae a couple Toerag dugs jist like you twa.That’s nae problem,its jist a great life and we enjoy it, we’ll nae be moving any place fast.
That’s it yir times up. Now get awa from oor patch.
Alsia reports back tae Jonnie and ask if they can come home tonite.Jonnie tells them he has tae check wi Scud first and will call us back. The twa dugs wait a wee while before Jonnie tells them OK ye can come home.
The twa dugs run as fast as they can tae get hame, hoping the hoose is open and Jonnie and Pete hiv no gone tae bed.
Ailsa arrives hame and wis met by Jonnie and Beth,efter all the welcomes and some grub, she jist wanted tae go tae hir ain bed. Nae chance Beth says yir haeing a bath first,anything fir peace thinks Ailsa. After her bath she calls to see how Pepper wis daeing.Pepper also had tae hiv a bath she confirms.Off tae bed fir us twa.
Up in the morning feeling fresh,efter breakfast she goes for a walk wi Jonnie.They meet Pete,Pepper and Scud at the city office.
Scud reports that big webby is happy wi the way the twa dugs performed.He will now go forward tae the city fathers meeting with the information next month. When a decision is made aboot whit we’re gonnie dae, we will let ye all know.
Jonnie says, the wae the city council works that could take months.Jings Scud whit was all the rush?Jist you concern yir self wi keeping the dugs ready for action,for the next time the Webby wants tae use them for a program.You could actually hear the dugs chins drop and it wis no wi excitement.Yir dugs are now agents and remember that, replies Scud


Tae be continued….

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