Characters of the past and present

by John Dreczkowski

Bannockburn and the surrounding areas as we know has a mixed bag of industrial history farming, tartans, carpets, textiles, construction and coal mining along with many cottage industries and retail.

Bannockburn and the surrounding areas also had a rich history in the peoples of Bannockburn of all characters.

In this section we would like to remember the past and present day characters of Bannockburn and some of their stories. We would like to hear from anyone in the community who has an interesting story about any of these characters and any pictures they may have of them.

Many of the characters were known by their nickname such as:

Fox Stevenson
Hookie Snr McCabe
Raymond McLachlan (The Geek or Shawaddy)
Sally Hendry
Hookie Jnr McCabe
Tucker Hamilton
Scud Docherty
Candy Miller
Duke Hamilton
Chillie Woods

John (Nagie) Cairney
and many others

It would be interesting to hear who else had such nicknames and the reason they were given them, or any interesting stories of people of Bannockburn , Hill park or Whins of Milton we would like to hear their story

Please contact us on the following e-mail if you have a story or photographs for this section:

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