George Patterson Poems

by George Patterson May 2010

These poems have been written by George Patterson who resides in Bruce Street bannockburn. Throughout his lifetime Georges hobby is penning odes and poems  below we feature a few of his works and thank him for his permission to use them on our website.

This section represents the characters of Bannockburn many more other will follow through time:

Collect the Greth

Tis nae sae bad, ma bonnie lad
Nor life sae ill ma dearie
The warld itsell, gaes roon an roon
A up and up, and Doon an Doon.
It maun seem tapsilteerie
Cauld life itsell may feel like hell
As things gae wrang aroon ye
Th” years we hae, are a blink “O” an ee”
There is nae need tae short,n
Sae let us haud, tae faith awhile
Let not despair, oo,r life beguile
Haud fast the haund, that streetches oo,t
Despatch ahint, tha, fause self doo,t
Collect the greth, f,r hearts content
And leave alane, whits ill spent.
Written By George Patterson (Bruce street Bannockburn)

To Fish Supper

To twa frien,s wha treated us tae fish an chips
O” Fish and chips, we love thee dearly
On thee, we lavish, praise sincerely
As weel as saut and, vinegar
Thy taste in truth, beyond compare
Fingers swoop Doon, and lift delights
Tae open gob, tae disappear frae sight
Slithering Doon, exquisite taste
An, rumbles roon, the stomachs waist
Heid heldback, an een closed fast
Battered cod, in sauted clasp
Lift to lips,”O” cherished repast
Whit better fairing, for labours hunger
An, let the lords and ladies wonder
How the common tottie, and lowly fish
Can be an be described, a wonderous dish
Sae guid frien, s Lawrence and Colina
There nae better in the, in the hale of China
Sae aince again we thank thee dearly
On thee we lavish praise dearly.

The Bannock-Burn

From mossy ground thou wept, on, hillside moor
Where hauntin, Curlew calls
And Larks aspire to climb To Heavens door
Drop by drop thou gather pace yet not to race
But gurgle gently, thro, grassy glades
Of hidden flowers and heather blades.
“O” Quick release, pulse surge
Down, ever faster, widening
Gaining strength, “O” timeless urge
Rock wearing, moving on
Where Wallace, crossed and crossed again
Thy fords in spate
To meet his destined fate.
Then tumbling, falling, in eager gait carrying all before
Thy Magnifying force, nothing to hold
A wild and wayward dash, to valley floor
Despising mans desire, to live with thee
And with scarce a halt moves on
To roll and tear at rock and tree.
Yet calmer ran thy way
Where meadows sweet, before you lay
And mixed the waters, with the blood of Scotland’s foes
Still onward, onward, with quiet repose
With brother Forth and ocean deep
Until returned as nature will, again to weep.
Written By George Patterson (Bruce Street Bannockburn )

An ode from George to his friend Joyce Sparks and Groovie her
dog,often seen in the Ladywell top park.

“Fae George Patterson to a frien”
Jist roon the corner “O” the lane
Dulcet voice rings loud an” clear
A minute tak” an” I,ll explain.
For weel ah” ken wha,ll sin appear
Sic merry laugh, ah” weel kent figure
Spreading cheer, wi” fine largesse
Wi” charm an” fervent vigour.
Her inner warmth, the grey disperse
Of aches an” pains, she gote her share
But carries “a” wi” few complaint
A word tae “a” she speaks wi” care
I,m glad to be of her acquaint
And folks aroon” should maist” rejoice
To know this lady,
I call “Joyce”.

Written By George Patterson (Bruce Street Bannockburn )
John Dreczkowski website coordinator

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