Heritage Footpath- upgrade in Ladywell Park

by Tommy Cattigan 10th March 2013

Work has started on the upgrade of the Heritage Trail in the bottom part of Ladywell Park. The complete heritage trail is being renewed, it is also being widened to accommodate cyclists.

Most of this is as the original planned trail, the is a change this is the section right by the side of the Bannock Burn. This will have to be moved to the park side of the old water pipe to reduce the risk of it becoming flooded in high water and to prevent the river quickly eroding it. The riverside route will still remain though and people will still be able to use it to walk along the banks of the bannock burn.
ladywell park 004
The BMX track at the bottom park which is up behind the football parks heading to the woods has been upgraded and is ready for use by all.
There are various items on the plan which have been agreed as needing done, these are included in the Master Plan for Ladywell Park and items are prioritised to ensure the safety of all are top priority within the available spend provided.
You can see the new benching and footpath done previously this is above the hedge as you look at the pictures.
ladywell park 007
Thanks must go to Land Services their officer’s and operatives of Stirling Council for their assistance to date and a job well done.
This is only a small part of the works in the Heritage Trail that is being done, there will be a follow up story with additional pictures to provide further information to all on completion of works.
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