Industrial history of Bannockburn

by John Dreczkowski 4th March 2008

The past history has seen many great events around Bannockburn, but it is primarily remembered for the events surrounding the battle of Bannockburn 1314. Bannockburn and the surrounding area also had a major influence on the industrial legacy of Scotland and beyond. This section of the website will research these issues and bring forward to the community a brief outline of these events in history of our industrial past up to the modern industries within our community.

We will start this research from the start of the manufacturing period, involving tartan production at the Wilson Mills also other mills brought into production around the same time to support the Wilson Mills activity on through carpet production to the final closures of the mill plants.

Alongside we will review the mining industry around Bannockburn and the effects this activity had on the area. Colliery villages such as Plean, Cowie and Fallin were built to facilitate in increasing numbers of miners who were required to meet the need of the coal companies, following through to the demise of mining activities in or area and effects on the community.

Finally, reviewing modern wood panel (chipboard factory) plant at Cowie and the positive effect on economic and employment in the communities. We would like to acknowledge the following groups who have been found to be an excellent source for our research purposes: Bannockburn Heritage group for their various works and publications, Stirling Council Archives, Stirling Observer: book 150 years of the Stirling Observer and the late Bob McCutcheon for various works and the publication “Stirling’s Neebor Villages”.

We would like the request that if any of the community has information or photos relating to this subject feel free to get in touch, all information will be scanned and returned in its original form to the owner. Click our contact page to email us any information you wish to send us.

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