John (Nagie) Cairney

1916-988 R.I.P


As an ever generous young man he was known as Carnagie later shortened to Nagie. Nagie was a hard working miner all his life, who loved life and his fishing.

Ode to oor Nagie

I’m sure you’ve heard af Nagie
He’s a fellow of good cheer
There’s only one thing I don’t like
He canny haud his beer

They tell me he’s a poacher
I don’t know if that is right
But I ken I hide ma goldfish
When Nagie comes in sight

At fishing he’s a man “o” might
Tae watch him is a bonny sight
He’ll staun an fish the hale clock roon
An then he’ll go and feed the Toon

While fishin late the other night
Poor Nagie got an awful fright
He went and hooked a submarine
You should have seen his face turn green

At dominoes, he is the champ
To beet him you got to tramp
His cairds gie quickly disappear
I think he draps them in his beer

So nature study he’s gie good
He watches burdies in the wood
He watches cuckoo’s build their nests
Says he, I dae it just in jest

At brushing roads he isnae slow
He’ll fairly make his shovel go
He’s after money you can see
I’ve jist been telt, he’s after me

Gifted to website by his daughter Nancy Lemmon. Original words by Grim, layout enhanced by John Dreczkowski, website coordinator.

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