Ladywell Park

By Tommy Cattigan 

Another part of the Ladywell Park is complete, for safe use by all. The stairs used by footballers from the changing rooms at  the top park to the football park in the bottom park. 

The first photo shows the stairs from the top park to the centre pathway, these were removed and replaced. 


This work was carried out by TCV -The Conservation Volunteers on a contract to Stirling Council Land Services. The original stairs were in a bad state and were deteriorating to that of an unsafe state, the stairs have all been updated and there is now an additional part to the stairs.

The second photo is looking up the new stair to the centre pathway created by TCV


The third photo is looking from the small bridge nearest to telford bridge, looking up toward the centre pathway.]

park3The new stairs will allow all in the community the safe use of these stairs from the top park to the lower part of Ladywell park. 

Thanks must go to the officers of the council who arranged for this work to be done, thanks should also go to the Conservation Volunteers sub-contractor on site that carried out the work.

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