Ladywell Park Latest Update

As you can see from the pictures the bottom park is well on the road to completion.

1. Upgraded play area for BMX etc this is being used is now open for use by the community.

bannockburn park upgrade 014

2. The Heritage footpath going across the park has been widened and surfaced for the safe use of all.

bannockburn park upgrade 012

3. Area around new heritage path will be getting seeding planted, this will provide a mixture of wild colour  as the year goes on.

bannockburn park upgrade 015

4. Access road into the bottom park has been widened and drainage has been upgraded, this will allow safe access for all to the park, this will also allow safe access for emergencey services.

bannockburn park upgrade 018

5. The Original and New stairs from top park changing rooms to bottom football park will ensure the safety of all using them.

bannockburn park upgrade 006

The pictures above have been taken looking up from the bottom park, many of the dangerous trees have been removed. Thanks must go to all officers at Land Service – Roads and all the Council workforce that have carried out  the various works at the park.

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