Ladywell Park

by Tommy Cattigan 5th March 2013

For many years, the Bannockburn community have requested that the Council spend money in Ladywell Park. The  access around the path has always been a top priority, the renewal of the footpaths within the park will ensure safe footing for the community.

In the  first phase paths were renewed in part of the top park and part of the bottom park with some benching renewed in the bottom park, it was then agreed that a set of steps from the top park would be replaced, as funding for this is expensive the steps at this area will be done in two phases.



The first phase of steps is now complete, the picture attached show the new steps with handrails. This will ensure that the community/all using the steps can do so safely. The second phase of the steps at this area will be done when funds are available, this will allow all to then have the use of a hard surfaced walkway from the top part of the park to the opening at the bottom park.

Thanks must go to the Council Officers and the operatives of the Council  for a job well
 done. This will be updated with additional information/pictures as and when additional work is carried out to ensure all are aware of the park upgrade.
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