Bannockburn House Gate Piers

by Alasdair MacPherson 3rd March 2008

Bannockburn House Gate Piers
February 2008

Bannockburn House Gate Piers were listed by Historic Scotland in 1973. The gate piers were shifted from their original location in 1973 (south of where they sit now) when Snabhead roundabout and the A91 link road leading to Bannockburn were constructed. The gate piers were moved to accommodate the new driveway and entrance to Bannockburn House when the A91 was built.

The gate piers are described on the Scottish Civic Trust website as "gatepiers take the form of elongated pyramids on circular column bases".

Bannockburn House is currently owned by Peter Drake and has been on the Buildings at Risk Register for Scotland since 1990.

Bannockburn House Gate Piers
Above image courtesy of Scottish Civic Trust: February 2000



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