Telford Bridge Bannockburn

by Alasdair MacPherson 27th February 2008

The Telford Bridge is a Category B Listed Building and is classified by Historic Scotland as the "new road" bridge Bannockburn. It was built in 1819 to bypass the Bannockburn's Main Street. Thousands cross the New Bannockburn Bridge every day and are probably unaware of the beauty of the bridge below.

The circular masonry bridge was designed by Thomas Telford, one of Scotland's greatest civil engineers. The legendary engineer was renowned in his day as "Colossus of Roads" the greatest road, canal and the bridge builder of his age. 2007 marked the 250th anniversary of this great pioneering engineer.

From Telford’s humble beginnings, the Dumfries-shire born stonemason went on to become probably one of the worlds most renowned civil engineers, designing and constructing a number of significant canals, roads, bridges, harbours, piers and churches across Britain.

Telford Bridge Bannockburn

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