Acknowledgements to our local historians

Since involving myself in the website and in particular the photo gallery, the heritage section and the modern industrial history of Bannockburn, I found it necessary to carry out a great deal of research to find the true story of Bannockburn's past history. Like others, I have lived in the community and had some idea of the history, but not a true picture of events.

I found the industrial past fascinating the way the villages were linked by the Bannock: oat meal production at the Whins, smiddies and nail makers at Chartershall and Whins of Milton, moving along the Bannock to the famous Wilson Mills tartan producers with carpet manufacturing and dye houses at the Haugh, to the famous Royal George building, which still stands today next to the Telford Bridge. History moved on to the demise of the mills to the emergence of the mining industry to our villages.

The website administrators would like to acknowledge local historians, local people and local newspaper publications, who have taken the time and effort to record through the written word and pictures of Bannockburn.

To name but a few:

The Stirling Observer, from its very early period to the present times has always featured the historical aspect of the Stirling area and its towns and villages and no doubt will continue to do so. The Observer has proven to be a tremendous resource for reaserching Bannockburn. We would like to thank Observer editor Alan Rennie for his support to this project.

The late Bob McCutcheon, for his work and publications, Pictures from the Past and Stirling 150 years, which was written by Bob and edited by Alan Rennie (present editor of the Stirling Observer). Bob gave us a fascinating insight to our history.

The photographers, who have recorded a pictorial trail of our history through the camera lense, allowing us to form images of what life was like through the various periods.

The local people who collected through photographs and scrap books a trail of information on our past, guys like John Norrie and Robert Stevenson.

The Bannockburn Heritage Group, who promoted local history and masterminded the Heritage Trail, which runs from the Haugh to Whins of Milton.

Local historians such as Joe Smith and Robert Aitken who have written and continue to write about local history in the Bannockburn News.

There are many more, but too many to mention, who contribute and we thank you all for your efforts


On behalf of the website, John Dreczkowski: 25th July 2008



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